Курсы DipTESOL

DipTESOL принятый и почитаемый международный аттестат для опытных учителей в ESOL/EFL. Аттестат принимается Консульством Великобритании как полноценная квалификация TEFL, это дает возможность учителю пойти в любую школу Великобритании или за границей.

DipTESOL аккредитован QCA (Qualifications and Curriculum Authority) 7 уровня, который равен степени магистра.

Программа включает в себя:

Unit 1

Language, Teaching and Learning (the written paper)

Essays focus on theoretical and practical integration using current ELT thinking. Candidates will be able to use their continuing professional development and background reading to contribute to this unit.

Unit 2

The Teacher as a Developmental, Reflective Practitioner (the portfolio)

Trainees will have the opportunity to observe teachers in their workplace. The portfolio consists of three assignments. Two assignments are based around aspects of classroom practice. The third assignment is in the form of an independent research project. The candidate can choose their area of interest within TESOL to base their research, which will assist in their own professional development for their future career.

Unit 3

Phonological Theory in Classroom Practice (the interview)

The interview lasts for 30 minutes and will cover phomological aspects of teaching and learning. The interview is an opportunity for the candidate to address the issues of speaking and listening skills in class and how an awareness of phonology can enhance or impede teaching and learning in these two skill areas.

Unit 4

Teaching to include Learner Analysis, Preparation, Delivery, and Self-Evaluation (teaching practice)

Candidates are required to complete a minimum of four lessons, each lasting 60 minutes, all of which will be internally observed and assessed using Trinity criteria. These will cover the candidate’s pedagogic, communicative, reflective and analytical skills.